Salt pepper shrimp



NYC skyline chocolate mousse 



Two of my friends April and Alice, who were both Sagittarius, were about to leave New York to start the new page in their life,  a city they love and lived for many years. As it was approaching thanksgiving, I used this opportunity to host a farewell party as well as a pre holiday party for all my girls in New York.

I started to plan and prepare food more than a week before, and definitely, dessert is an important part as always.

So this is how this cake was created: I was thinking about to make mousse cake long time ago, because it was elegant and tasty. So now is the time. You may wonder what kind of food I love to make, it’s simple, I make food I love to eat, just because I like it, I want to make it available at any time, so I have to try it. I have made tiramisu cake, creme brulee, Mille crepes, New York cheese cake, etc. just because I love them. You never know, I finished this cake 4am in the morning of the day, few hours later, I host the party! So crazy, right? I know, it was that kind of passion I can not hold back.

This time, I wanted to make it more special, make it more like a local cake. I myself love sketching a lot, and I love drawing architecture, landscape, and interior. I was thinking that other than drawing using pencil, can I do something different? I recently tried to draw using Apple pencil when it came out in 5th Ave flagship Apple Store, it was quite an experience and fun! And I was thinking maybe I can draw on a plate or even cake! As someone can’t even write skillfully on cake, I was planning something bigger. I searched online for some decorating tips, and then brainstormed, and most importantly, practiced. I learnt how to melt chocolate, how to work on temperature control, how to make a pipe for holding liquid chocolate, and innovatively come out with ideas how to liquid that through and build into a cake. I learnt a lot in this process, and so enjoyed it.

The step is simple:

1. Melt the chocolate. I bought the dark chocolate bar, there are many ways to melt it, I found chocolate chips are more different to melt, it’s easier to melt the chocolate bar in a hot bowl in the oven, just that simple. This will be used in step 3.

2. Make the cake base. I used the mixer to create cookie crumbs, using the famous Danish cookies and one of the ginger flavor cookies originated from Europe. My guests actually love the cookie base! Evenly flat out this cookie layer in a cake pan, you can also make it higher up along and around the ring of the cake pan.

3. Make the batter. Use a big mix bowl, pour in the chocolate bar, you decide how much based on your love for chocolate! Then I use electronic stand mixer to create the rich cream, I used both Egg whites and heavy cream to get that layer separately, and then fold it gently together. Then this layer will be mixed into the melted chocolate, remember to swirl slowly and gently, in the same direction, until it becomes a smooth and silky mixture.

4. Pour the mixture into the pan. And place the cake pan in the refrigirator.
5. In the meanwhile, i am working on the art part, the most interesting and challenging part.

5.1 Make a chocolate pen: I used a piece of parchment paper, flat out on the table, then I made a pipe from parchment paper too to hold the melted chocolate, so now you have a pen. Key is to control the temperature of the chocolate, try to draw some striks on anther paper for testing until you comfortable with the texture before work on the final piece.

5.2 Make it an art. Draw whatever you think on the paper just like a regular school task, and then before the chocolate gets hard and cool down, you attach it to the cake on the side, a lot of patience is needed here since I am doing this for the first time. I may use another article to give more details, hope you like it!


 Here is the product, how do you like it? Let me know.


Lady Z Mille Crepes


My first time of making Mille crepes, mark. Excited. Credits to:
1. KitchenAid artisan high speed electronic mixer
2. Calphalon elit nonstick antiadhesif de luxe. I love it so much, you made my crepes.
3. BelGioioso Mascarpone cheese
4. Last but not least – New York

6 Eggs
Mascarpone cheese (16 OZ)
4 tbsp Unsalted butter(1 half stick)
Fine sugar
Pancake mix(or you can use all-purpose flour)
Heavy cream
Vanilla extract
Whole milk
Parchment paper

1. Make Crepe Batter
1 cup pancake mix (I used fairway buttermilk mix), 2 cup milk, 1/2 cup heavy cream, melted butter(4 OZ), 1 tsp vanilla extract, mix until smooth, set aside and let it sit, so the bubbles on the surface can be gone. Or you can use chopsticks top to smooth it out.


2. Make Filling
Use 4 eggs, separate the egg yolk and egg whites, in a big bowl, mix the separated egg yolks, 1tsp sugar(more or less due to your taste preference), 1/4 cup heavy cream, mascarpone cheese, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, beat until smooth, set aside and let it cool.


3. Make crepes!
There are already many recipes teaching you how to make crepes, the point is that based on the size of the pan you use as well as the thickness of the batter, you need to find the appropriate heat (usually low-medium heat), and the amount of batter for each crepe. Do 20 ish of them, stack them with parchment paper in between if you do not have enough space to line them flat without stacking.

The point here is to make crepe as thing as you can, as in nice shape as you can (round and the same size, I know it’s ridiculous without machine), it took me almost an hour to just make 16 crepes for the first time, and my index finger get burned… … 厨房太小,往往手足无措,焦头烂额

4. Assembly of 20-Layer Crepe Cake:

Place one (1) prepared crepe on a large cake plate.

With a small spatula or wide blade knife, completely cover the crepe with a thin layer of the pastry cream mixture (approximately 1/4 cup).

Cover with another dry crepe and repeat covering with the Pastry Crème until you have reached 20ish layers.

The 20th crepe will be the last or top layer.

Refrigerate it for a couple hours if you can wait:)


5. Presentation
For beginners, it’s very difficult to make a perfect shape round cake, so carefully cut a slice, and nicely plate it, take a nice photo too, you made it! Congs!

I will write another blog when I get improvement. See you in next blog.




Shrimps’ dates

.Israel dates 4-6
.Shrimp (small)
.Olive oil
.brown sugar
.blue cheese
.fresh herbs
.cane sugar

1. Chop the onions, and caramelized the onions until you get some browness. Add a few leaves to add some freshness to to onions. Add a little sugar as well in the end. Add the shrimp and stir for about 3-4 mins

2. The candy. In a saucepan, add some Olive oil, medium heat, add two tsp brown sugar, stir until it’s melted, use spoon to take it out and make some shapes, it will get hardened pretty soon.

3. Plate it. Cut the dates in the middle, take out the seed, put in the cameralized onions and shrimp, top with blue cheese, candy serve as side together with some sliced almonds.