I currently live in Manhattan, United States, got access to hundreds of top restaurants in the world. I do not have a simple favor of a certain cuisine, I enjoy every creative piece of the dish presented carefully by the chef.

I started cooking before I came to United States, learned from my parents to cook the first dish – Sweet and sour pork ribs, which is one of the dishes I am most adept of. I got inspired from my talented classmates  during study at Columbia University, and later by watching food channel since 2012. So far, my favorite TV programs are Chopped, Iron Chef, and etc.

I tried to develop a well balanced flavor by using the ingredients creatively based on the traditional recipes, learned to do a dish decoration by watching videos online. I pursue perfection, I made three times of Macaroons one night, ate lots of sugar … …

This is just a start, and I believe it will be part of my happy life, I hope I can own a high-end restaurant in the near future, wish it can come true!


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